Micronas mas3587f

Read AmbientAddition42.pdf text version. compression hardware such as the Micronas MAS3587F MP3 encoder chip, or the Analog Devices Melody chipset,.Compare prices, attributes, and tech specs for electronic components.Buy obsolete, discontinued electronic components, hard to find ICs, and long lead time semiconductors, catalog 1, page 5739.Home About Product Offering Testing Counterfeit Quality Images.I found IC MAS3587F from micronas which is decoder and encoder but this IC which is out of produce and out of stock.

mas3587f-qi-b2 micronas qfp lm4546vh ns qfp-48. mas4400ab2 micronas lqfp lm833n on dip8. mas3539f-fh-a3 micronas lqfp-64 lm8305mx-1 ns qfp.MAS3587FFHB2. MAS3587F-Q. Micronas Micronetics Wireless Micronix (Clare.Micronas GmbH will begin to offer samples next month of a programmable microcontroller designed to add content protection features to MP3 players.The Barix IP Audio Module can be plugged onto the target connector or motherboard using.MAS3587F: Micronas 1: IC-wjk EP9301-CQZ: cirrus 1: QFP: IC-wjk AT8356C47-ICT2T: ATMEL 1: IC-wjk MDT10C41A1: mdtic 1: DIP.

The Micronas MAS3587F is an integrated circuit component in the LQFT64 package.

MAS3587F-B2 Original supply, US $ 9.4-9.5 , [Micronas] Micronas ...

Team 1 Final Report Jordan Schaenzle Peter Tuuk Job Vranish Brad Zoodsma.This is not a secret.the Micronas MAS3587 for encoding the Mp3 I have used.